Andrew Cowie is a half Scottish, half Malaysian Photojournalist based in London, England.  Andrew has been a Photographer for over 10 years covering all aspects of news and sport for publications across the globe. His career began as a Staff Photographer for Scottish news agency Deadline before moving to London to work as a Freelancer for AFP and EPA.

The Glamour of Downing Street. Picture by Matt Dunham / Associated Press


Andrew has worked in North America, Asia and Europe covering both news and sport and has had his work printed in publications such as Time magazine, National Geographic, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Der Tagesspiegel, The Financial Times, Bangkok Post, Le Monde, USA today, New York Times and many more. He has covered high profile news stories such as The World Gymnastics championship, The 2011 London riots, The European Migrant crisis, The Winter and Summer Olympics in Vancouver and London, Wimbledon Tennis championship, two British elections, the funeral of Margaret Thatcher and the wedding and birth of the first and second child of British royals William and Kate.

Burberry cat walk during London Fashion week. Picture by Matt Crossick / Press Association

Andrew started up a collaboration agency with Rick Findler called Story Picture Agency in 2015 to show case there work and collaboration with other photographers around the world and works for EPA wire service in the UK on a freelance basis.

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You can contact him below:

Phone: +44 (0) 7817863051

Email: agcowie@mac.com